Smart Government Technologies: IoT & Big Data’s Role & Applications


Smart government leverage technology solutions to improve national services and the living experience of citizens. Ministries use IoT sensors, networks, and applications to manage data, such as citizen info, medical history, educational traffic congestion, energy usage, and air quality.
This data can then be used by technological solutions to improve citizen services, including utilities, transportation, and public services. Governments around the world are becoming smarter.
They are implementing smart technological solutions to provide better, more reliable, and quicker services to facilitate citizen support and services. better mobility and efficient public services.
These solutions are supported by smart technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that provide the technical framework.


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IoT & The Big Data’s Role Among Citizens

IoT is an essential technology without which smart city initiatives cannot exist. The “things” of the IoT━devices, sensors, applications━collect the data that enables the technology solutions to be effective. For example, smart water meters reporting water quality and usage, alerting the water company of leaks, or potential contamination.
That said, smart city initiatives need big data analytics to function. The IoT generates huge datasets that must be analyzed and processed to implement smart city services. Big data platforms, part of the city ICT infrastructure, have to sort, analyze and process the data gathered from the IoT.
City governance integrates ICT solutions to interconnect public services, at the same time engaging communities in local governance, thus promoting cooperation.
One example of this is the Greater London Authority initiative, where city hall is using an open, common platform to share data with local communities.

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